Struggling to Find Your Niche?

In 2018, I decided that I wanted to start my own business and build my brand and the struggles that I have had the most is finding something that attracts the public eye.  I went back and forward on whether my business should be something that I am interested in or should it be something... Continue Reading →

Double Leg Chronicles

First let me explain what I mean by "Double Leg Chronicles" I say Double Legs because I have my own set of legs plus my leg braces. When I wear my leg braces Which is 98% of the time we have a Love and Hate relationship because they do what their supposed to, but they... Continue Reading →

Why I Love Fanny Packs…

Fanny Packs have always been one of my favorites because they are versatile. You can wear them with any outfit ... you can also dress them up or down and comfortable fashion has always been a thing for me. I don't like to carry a backpack or purse all the time because I feel like... Continue Reading →

My First Wisdom Teeth Removal Experience

So last Tuesday May 15, 2018 I went through the process of getting one of my Wisdom teeth removed and the worst part was probably the X-Rays because I swear dentist don't know how to be gentle.... well it's like sometimes they don't have a choice...Right? Let me remind you that those X-rays took about... Continue Reading →

Make the World More Accessible Meaning and How to Cope With Things That Are Not Accessible

What does Accessible mean to me: Making the world a more comfortable place for those who have Limited Mobility, those who are Hearing impaired, Visually Impaired or those that have Mental Illnesses. Abilities mean: Giving everyone in the Disabled Community a equal chance at everything just like everyone else. As a disabled person myself I... Continue Reading →

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