About ME

There is many reasons to create a blog you can create one on travels, beauty, health etc, but I have found that not too many blogs focus on the disabled community and that includes mentally and physically, but My Blog will be specifically talking about my daily struggles being physically disabled myself, different challenges that I face and how I specifically cope with my challenges throughout my life and how these challenges affect me both good and bad. Not only will I focus on this topic in particular, but I will also focus on motivation, Strength, self-love and how it is okay to be different. I will focus on the fact that every human being is created equally no matter their differences! My physically disabled is Cerebral Palsy I have been honored to go through many stages of my disability the part where the doctors said I would never talk, walk, feed myself or do anything for myself period, the surgeries, the random body aches and sharp pains I feel most days and everything else that comes along with it. I wouldn’t trade my disability for nothing in the world for this is what makes me unique and different and I also have the privilege to experience a gift that teaches me to be thankful, passionate and strong.

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