No Sleep

Most days, I wake up running off of maybe four hours of sleep or less. Most days my day is full of productive task like Work and School.

I work Part time and go to school on my days off. I never liked the term handout because I love the thought of me doing things for myself and not allowing anyone to do anything for me! A handout by definition is someone who just hands you things that you never worked for.

To me the reason why I barley sleep is because there is 24 hours in a day and every moment I feel like I am not doing something I feel like I am wasting time, does anybody else feel this way?

People have doubted my abilitiesall my life until I prove them wrong! my Physical limitations ( Cerebral Palsy) is such a gift because it motivates me to prove people wrong every chance I get… I even prove myself wrong sometimes, but I love a challenge!

Never doubt your ability because that is what defines your strength. -TheQueenofAmbition

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