The obvious is not really the obvious. As people scroll down my social media and see that I hardly post pictures with my medical equipment and then I begin to get rude message overflowing in my inbox about me faking my disability or doing things for the media, but little do they now my mobility aid does not make me who I am it is just a piece of equipment that helps me get from point A to B and whether I want to use it or not is a choice at least I have more than one option.

My purpose of this blog is not an explanation because what I understand does not have to be explained, but for some people who might face depression in this area where you are constantly Talked about or bullied on social media because of your mental illness or disability of any sort remember:

You do not have to explain yourself to anyone who is going to make you feel less of a person be you, love you and be free. -thequeenofambition

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