Coping With The Things I Cannot Change

The pain behind a smile Knowing that you will be different from everybody else not only a difference in style, personality or the things you like to do, but a difference in physical appearance, the difference between being a full able body human being and being a disabled human being not only do you have to accept being disabled, but you have to accept the things you cannot change. The moment that you realize that you can’t do the extracurricular activity that you wanted to do because mobile wise you are unable to perform the task to participate in those doings or the moment you a job becomes a hassle because you cannot perform the physical qualification or again the moment at a job interview where that awkward stare is given do to underestimated thoughts.

There is many reasons how I cope with these issues:

1. I find alternative ways to use my disability as a strength.

2. I find things that I enjoy that are accessible for me.

3. I learned how to love my disability and also find love in the things I cannot change.

10 thoughts on “Coping With The Things I Cannot Change

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  1. This was an amazing post! Your strength and positive attitude is inspiring and admirable! I loved reading the ways you cope! We all have things we have to cope with and it can be so difficult. I am really looking forward to reading more of your posts!!!


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