Have you ever experienced getting Denied or Rejected?

Being a person who is continuously denied before even speaking because they see that physically your considered not an able body person! This is something experienced when I am looking for a jobs, friends, medical help , sports and etc.

This is the part of life that challenges me the most because I feel as if no one can relate to me or even try to understand me i am sure that everyone experiences this feeling some point in their lives.

A what point do we ask ourselves how long will we allow rejection to make us feel down?

How long do we hope for an understanding from people that we will never get?

How long does it take for us to understand that everybody won’t accept you, but as long as you accept yourself being denied won’t hurt you

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  1. Rejection is a part of life – a hard part- and it’s not going to go away. What I’ve learned to do when Ive felt rejected is to speed up the process to acceptance. You have to except it happened but you don’t have to accept the rejection as the final result. If it’s something you really want believe in yourself and then think of a strategy to make it happen. It may mean you attack the situation from different angles or you experience 5 nos before a yes. But just don’t give up!

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  2. Rejection is in fact a part of life. There’s lessons in it, although pretty tough to swallow, but it will test your character. Look for the lessons, what could you have done differently in order to achieve the outcomes you want. Also resilience is key. Dust yourself off and keep pushing.


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