Make the World More Accessible Meaning and How to Cope With Things That Are Not Accessible

What does Accessible mean to me: Making the world a more comfortable place for those who have Limited Mobility, those who are Hearing impaired, Visually Impaired or those that have Mental Illnesses.

Abilities mean: Giving everyone in the Disabled Community a equal chance at everything just like everyone else.

As a disabled person myself I often feel like I am not giving a equal opportunity whether it’s in a Workplace, Job Interview,on Social Media or in Public… Why? Because a lot of things aren’t equipped or made for disabled people or they automatically judge you off of appearance, your speech or illness and run with it.

Why is this a problem? Because everything we do has to be proven instead of just giving everyone an equal chance or the things that we really want to do isn’t accessible enough.

How can we fix this problem or cope with the fact that everything won’t be accessible:

1. Prove yourself

2. Speak up

3. Help each other

4. Whatever your good at make it what you love and good for it.

5. Don’t let the world determine your future.

6. You be that change.

4 thoughts on “Make the World More Accessible Meaning and How to Cope With Things That Are Not Accessible

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  1. Making the world more accessible for disabled individuals should be a priority, but if course, it is not. I have a vocal disability and mental health issues, and I often feel I have to outperform my colleagues to prove my worth. Capitalism will have us believing that we are not worth anything because we cannot work or have “limited” abilities. Its bull. We are worthy of love, life, and happiness. Thanks for this post ❤.

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