My First Wisdom Teeth Removal Experience

So last Tuesday May 15, 2018 I went through the process of getting one of my Wisdom teeth removed and the worst part was probably the X-Rays because I swear dentist don’t know how to be gentle…. well it’s like sometimes they don’t have a choice…Right? Let me remind you that those X-rays took about 30 mins alone….

After that the Oral Surgeon came in and explained to me the condition of all four of my wisdom teeth and with that she explained that three of them were grown in perfectly and the fourth one was the worst which on that tooth there was a cavity and the tooth is starting to move in a different direction.

So after that, I agreed to start the process, but I was only able to do one at the moment because of course insurance didn’t cover the surgery because i am over 21.. so that means everything is coming out of my pocket…..

The Process Started and took about 45 mins:

  1. First they numbed my mouth which consisted of about 3 shots in the mouth of the numbing medication.
  2. They gave me a set of goggles to prevent anything from the surgery from popping in my eyes.
  3. they assembled all of their materials.

4. I saw a tool that looks like a ranch come towards my mouth which was used to loosen the tooth and the Oral Surgeon did that a few minutes before she stopped.

5. The tooth started coming out In pieces, so they continued the same process until they got as much as they can out.

6. Towards the end they used scissors to cut the tooth out because it was connected to a bone( that part was one of the worse).

7. They did more X-rays to make sure it was all out (It was).

8. They stitched it up and that was the END.

Getting the tooth out was the easy part…… healing is the worst.

8 thoughts on “My First Wisdom Teeth Removal Experience

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  1. I didn’t get a wisdom tooth pulled out but I got a tooth in general pulled out beause it had an abscess on the side of it. Worst pain in my life. Before I even went to the dentisitb I kept putting it off. My face would get swollen and I would just take pain pills. Until finally I went to the dentist and they told me that it will need to be pulled out. The worst part I hated was the numbing part, they had to stab me with that needle in my gums at least 7 times lol all because it wasnt numb enough. But one thing I will say is , thank god I dont have to deal with that toothache anymore. Toothaches are death

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