How I Enjoy A Day At the pool with Cerebral Palsy.

Have you ever wondered how a person with limited mobility swims?

Well today was my first day at the pool in awhile and I am terrified of water, so this is how my day at the pool went first I had to find a cleaner pool because the first pool was really dirty and I was not about to swim In that lol, so I started thinking to myself there is another pool that’s a ways away it was maybe five minutes for an Able-bodied but more like ten or fifteen minutes to me. Remind you that if you use a Mobility Aid and you bring it to the pool they probably won’t let you go near the water because that is a safety hazard, so I walked about ten mins without mine stumbling and losing my breath …. Ok, but that’s besides the point… i made it to the pool after all and I wanted to share how I enjoy the pool as a disabled person..

  1. The first thing I always do is make sure I bring a pair of dry socks and these socks are for walking on the ground to get to the pool because if your anything like me I have very sensitive feet.
  2. I Make sure I bring a pair of dry bottoms because with me have Cerebral Palsy I am very sensitive when I walk and have no control over the way my body flops as I walk.
  3. Make sure either the pool that i am going to has a float or I will have to have my own. ( because I have limited mobility in my leg and left arm) so the float will float me by itself.
  4. I usually sit out about 10 mins before it’s time to go, so that I don’t still be soaked walking home.

I hope that if you have a physical disability and have a hard time swimming you take some of my tips.

15 thoughts on “How I Enjoy A Day At the pool with Cerebral Palsy.

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  1. A fantastic post with some great tips in it. I work with young kids with a range of conditions including CP and people like you are such great role models for a positive life living with your condition. I’ll be glad to pass on some of those tips!

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  2. Thank you for your post! It’s nice to learn about the lives of others, I’m a nurse I’ve had many patients with cerebral palsy and I wish I could go to them and show them your blog and you just living your best life. Your and inspiration!! Thank you for sharing your world with us.

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