Struggling to Find Your Niche?

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In 2018, I decided that I wanted to start my own business and build my brand and the struggles that I have had the most is finding something that attracts the public eye.  I went back and forward on whether my business should be something that I am interested in or should it be something that people in the media are interested in. After months of debating and going back and forward with myself. I have decided to blog and do things that I am interested in as well as the things that people around me are interested in. The reason being is because when you put so  much work into something and your not getting any views, likes, or revenue you begin to think “I really need to redirect what I am trying to do.” and not only that look at the things that the people around me or interested in and the things that they are doing to be successful because regardless of your plan your goal is to make revenue from all of your hard work and be a successful business owner. When you start to invest in yourself and find your niche it is important that you are making more money that you are putting in maybe not in the beginning, but eventually somewhere down the line that is the GOAL right????

So, At the start of 2019……

I want to give all of my new business owners some tips:

  1.  It is never too late to start over.
  2.   There is never too many people in one niche.
  3.  Take your time.
  4. It is about you, but your audience is more important.
  5. Keep pushing you will be successful.
  6.  Nothing Happens overnight.


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