How A Physically Disabled Person Has Sex?

As a Disabled person when you are about to have sex I’m sure you don’t plan out every single detail as to how it is done or do you?

So many people think to hard about this topic, but believe it or not a physically disabled person has sex just like an abled bodied person. When you think of sex what do you usually think of ? Is it giving head? Top or bottom? Experimenting with toys ? What usually turns you on?

Here are multiple ways that a Disabled person have sex:

  1. Is by using a body pillow when you are using a body pillow you can relax your body and let your sex partner control how they want your legs to move.

2. Scooting to the edge of your bed, wheelchair or anything that you may use for support ( it gives easy access to your sex partner while they give you head or if they like to use toys).

3. Take as many breaks as you need in between time.

4. relax your legs on the wall to prevent your legs from constantly giving out in the process.

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  1. Hey , this is very beautiful and moving and so inspiring you have so much inspiring motives and I am a upcoming journalist,activist, feminist writer and check out my blog when you can , and always stay strong and keep up the amazing work!

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