Everyone knows that being in your 20s is a weird part of life because most of us feel like we need to have everything in order and perfectly lined up but, when life throws us lemons we all feel like sometimes we need a break from the things that matter to us the most, so that we can face reality especially when you feel like the goals that you want to accomplish are not going the way you planned and everything around you seems like it is crashing this is when I as a human being feel like I need to disappear from what I love because I feel like I’m not giving the things that I love the proper amount of focus that I would if I did not have a million things going on. As far as blogging goals my main reason for taking a break is the fact that I felt like not too many people were interested in my content ( Being an advocate for Cerebral Palsy and spreading awareness about my daily life having Cerebral Palsy). Even though I will continue with the main reasons I started blogging in the first place, I will be adding a new topic to my blog that I feel will be useful to everyone not just the disabled community and that topic will focus on finances and showing people how to save money from my own personal experiences the blogs about finance will be dropping early November going into the New Years because there will be two separate tabs for my Finance blogs and my lifestyle with Cerebral Palsy blogs. What I’m learning in life is that it is okay not to have everything together and when things become too much breaks are always good and a refresher, but thanks to those who encourage me to keep aiming for greatness and to never give up on the things that I love. These 20 somethings are crazy.

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