Most Days

Most days were difficult I struggled to love the Blemishes that were on my body the ones that were deep and left a scar that would never go away. Most Days, I struggled to grasp the fact that I couldn't walk perfectly fine on my own without experiencing random falls from losing my balance, nervousness... Continue Reading →

The Race

The Impression that everyone is clueless or uneducated about the term disabled. Disabled doesn't necessarily mean that you are not capable it just means that you might do things differently or at a slower pace to my knowledge, I believe that slow feet do eat it depends on how you make them work. Life isn't... Continue Reading →

All Eyes on You

Walking into a place where the room is overflowing with people and the crowd stops just to lay eyes on my visualization. I could hear the remarks that are being made the whole time I walked through the place. when I enter events with multiple people involved People have the tendency to express sympathy for... Continue Reading →


I should know:  I once hide from my own insecurities by hiding in a dark room alone trying to figure out why me? why did I have to suffer from this pain? The pain of struggling to love my physical,  the struggle of knowing that sometimes I could not deny help even if I wanted to,... Continue Reading →

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