My First Wisdom Teeth Removal Experience

So last Tuesday May 15, 2018 I went through the process of getting one of my Wisdom teeth removed and the worst part was probably the X-Rays because I swear dentist don't know how to be gentle.... well it's like sometimes they don't have a choice...Right? Let me remind you that those X-rays took about... Continue Reading →

Make the World More Accessible Meaning and How to Cope With Things That Are Not Accessible

What does Accessible mean to me: Making the world a more comfortable place for those who have Limited Mobility, those who are Hearing impaired, Visually Impaired or those that have Mental Illnesses. Abilities mean: Giving everyone in the Disabled Community a equal chance at everything just like everyone else. As a disabled person myself I... Continue Reading →

Daily Transportation Routine

Could you imagine being told that you cannot drive because of your current medical condition? I imagine that no one can because without your own transportation what would you do? sometimes able-bodied people do not take these things into consideration. Imagine This:  After a long 8 Hour shift of working it takes you nearly three... Continue Reading →


Have you ever experienced getting Denied or Rejected? Being a person who is continuously denied before even speaking because they see that physically your considered not an able body person! This is something experienced when I am looking for a jobs, friends, medical help , sports and etc. This is the part of life that... Continue Reading →

Coping With The Things I Cannot Change

The pain behind a smile Knowing that you will be different from everybody else not only a difference in style, personality or the things you like to do, but a difference in physical appearance, the difference between being a full able body human being and being a disabled human being not only do you have... Continue Reading →


The obvious is not really the obvious. As people scroll down my social media and see that I hardly post pictures with my medical equipment and then I begin to get rude message overflowing in my inbox about me faking my disability or doing things for the media, but little do they now my mobility... Continue Reading →

No Sleep

Most days, I wake up running off of maybe four hours of sleep or less. Most days my day is full of productive task like Work and School. I work Part time and go to school on my days off. I never liked the term handout because I love the thought of me doing things... Continue Reading →

The Drift

Sometimes being different is hard to accept. You can sometimes feel yourself drifting away from society because you are what people classify as weird or different. You can sometimes feel yourself asking " Is it a problem being different or does the people in this world have issues from within"? Then you see people that... Continue Reading →

About ME

There is many reasons to create a blog you can create one on travels, beauty, health etc, but I have found that not too many blogs focus on the disabled community and that includes mentally and physically, but My Blog will be specifically talking about my daily struggles being physically disabled myself, different challenges that... Continue Reading →

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