All Eyes on You

Walking into a place where the room is overflowing with people and the crowd stops just to lay eyes on my visualization. I could hear the remarks that are being made the whole time I walked through the place. when I enter events with multiple people involved People have the tendency to express sympathy for... Continue Reading →

The scare of the public

I could never vision things that are seen but really unseen because I am the only one seeing the things that are happening around me and that's where I stand apart from everyone else. As I walk the corridors where people may not know why I use a mobility aid or why my legs seem... Continue Reading →


I should know:  I once hide from my own insecurities by hiding in a dark room alone trying to figure out why me? why did I have to suffer from this pain? The pain of struggling to love my physical,  the struggle of knowing that sometimes I could not deny help even if I wanted to,... Continue Reading →

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